3 tricks to get more Energy in Launchpad

3 tricks to get more Energy in Launchpad

In this other post, we discussed how the Launchpad works and what steps I have to follow to get tokens from the IDOs that interest me.

Today we will delve into different mechanisms that help me get more Energy. Let's start.

Wait... what is Energy?

Energy represents "your power or influence" within the faction. The energy is measured in eTUT, a synthetic token of the TUT, whose objective is not to have an economic value but to measure your influence: the more energy you generate, the more power you accumulate.

Let's also remember that the faction is the group you must join to participate in an IDO. We have 3 factions, represented by 2 Staking and Farming contracts in each faction. In the following image we see the profitability that Staking contracts give right now;

Captura de pantalla 2022-10-19 a las 10.24.44

Why is it interesting to accumulate Energy?

Because the faction that wins each IDO gets an additional 15% tokens, subtracted from the losing factions. That is why it is so important to accumulate energy (eTUT): so that we get more tokens. The following image shows the current ranking: the Nakamotos are winning, but as you can see the APR (profitability) is inversely proportional to the energy: it is logical since the more users there are in a faction, the more energy is accumulated but the incentives are They are distributed among more wallets, so the APR is lowered.

Ranking facciones

Let's now see the methods or "tricks" that I can use to get more energy.

Trick nº1: Stake or Farm more TUT into the faction.

Without a doubt, the more TUT we put into the faction, the more energy we generate. We have 2 variables:

  • The volume (money) that we put into Staking / Farming.
  • The time that that money has been stored in the contracts.

And beware: the multiple is much higher in Farming than in Staking, not only in APR (currently between 200-300% higher) but in eTUT. Therefore, do not overthink it: provide liquidity to the protocol as soon as possible and help it grow, because the protocol will return it to you in spades.

Captura de pantalla 2022-10-19 a las 10.48.39

In the previous image, we see the energy I accumulate in my faction (1.3MM eTUT). No one can tell if I've already funded the IDO or not, but the fact that a portfolio like mine has some influence could change the winning faction. That is why it is also essential to fund the IDO as soon as possible, to have all the cards on the table, in addition to what we discussed in the next point.

Trick nº2: Prefund the IDO ASAP.

This is the latest big news: since yesterday, the sooner you contribute the PREFUND to the IDO, the more energy you also generate for the money deposited as USDT (not only for the money accumulated in the factions).

Let us remember that the PREFUND is the maximum investment that you intend to make in the IDO, deposited in USDT in the smart contract of said IDO. Therefore, it is better not to wait until the last minute to fund the IDO, since others will fund earlier, they will accumulate more energy and if they are in another faction and are winners, they will take more tokens, subtracting them from you.

Even if I prefund IDO, I am (and not Tutellus) still the owner od the funded USDT.

Captura de pantalla 2022-10-19 a las 14.40.50

In the image above we see that I have already funded 7,899 USDT in the TurinLabs IDO, and at any time I could deposit or withdraw my funds. This point is essential since we can think "Bah, for Tutellus to have my USDT I'll save it until the last minute": ERROR, we don't have your USDT. It is still yours and it is still in your possession, it is in a contract that only you have access to. Your money is not in a Tutellus wallet. In addition to the energy generation from the moment you fund, only you can deposit or withdraw the funded USDT.

Trick nº3: enter the first anchoring sections.

For several weeks we have a special incentive or yield: extra money in the form of TUT tokens, depending on the section in which we manage to enter each IDO.

Captura de pantalla 2022-10-19 a las 14.43.51

In other words, the first $100,000 funded will receive an extra 12% in TUT at the closing of the IDO; the second tranche's incentive will drop to 9% and the third tranche will remain at 6%. It is a way of encouraging people to anchor earlier. In this case, you do not get extra energy but something better, a liquid token with a very clear underlying.


The Tutellus Launchpad represents the next generation of vehicles to invest in tokens private sales: decentralized, gamified and full of possibilities. It's up to us to get the most out of it for our benefit, so don't fall asleep and you know, generate energy!

Keep working!

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