5 tokenization projects launched in Bootcamps

5 tokenization projects launched in Bootcamps

In this post we compile 5 recent tokenization projects that we have launched together with tutellianos (fellow Bootcamps alumni). Although there are many others still in the oven, these 5 are already companies with a turnover born from students like you.

1. Reental, investment in tokenized real estate

Reental token

One of the companies with the most "hype" of the moment that is doing great. Reental offers returns of up to 15% per year on real properties, tokenizing the properties and distributing monthly dividends among the holders. In just over 1 month it has tokenized 6 properties (in less than 1 hour each) and is already the most recognized company in Europe. Its CEO is Eric Sanchez, tutellian of the Blockchain Bootcamp 2019.

2. Onda Serrano, the tokenized promotion of Malaga

Onda Serrano token

We continue in Real Estate to know Onda Serrano, the first COVID-free building in Spain located in the city of Malaga. It is an avant-garde architecture, a winner of several awards- and a project financed entirely with tokens (5MM €). Its promoter, Néstor Kreimer, will be the mentor of another Bootcamp in 2020.

3. POEM, the first NFT in the world

POEM token

We radically change sector and go to culture. The POEM token is an NFT that stores value based on scarcity. There are only 250 copies and in just over 1 week of its launch, its value has grown by 1,500%. Jorge Dot is the artist of the project, tutellian and Blockchain Master preCOVID 2020.


4. Miloto, or how to share lottery prizes

Miloto token

It is a project that combines conventional web technology (an APP to share lottery prizes in groups) with a crypto implementation and certification (in the NEM blockchain) of this information, guaranteeing authenticity. The promoter is César Mateos, tutelliano (Bootcamp 2019) and great connoisseur of the sector.

5. FIT token, revolutionazing the fitness industry

FIT token

FIT token represents the cryptocurrency of the first tokenized gym in the world, with a tokenomic model to be used both inside and outside the company through DeFi services. Its promoter is Lucas Leal, close to the core tutellian environment and great believer of the crypto and DeFi world.


As you can see, from the Tutellian ecosystem we work to launch real projects; more than 30 tokenizations to date, both in large companies and startups, and more than 15 companies born from within. All of them started from the ground up in one of our Bootcamps.

If they could do it, why can't you?

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