6 reasons why the TUT token is doing great

6 reasons why the TUT token is doing great

We launched the TUT token at "the worst moment with respect to BTC", i.e. in the middle of ATH (at historical price highs). Since then, bitcoin has fallen by more than 50%, but the TUT (at the time of publication) has risen by more than 150% compared to the starting price of the IDO. Knowing also that the market price correction in these months has been tremendous, what are the real causes for the TUT to capture so much value?

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The beauty of the crypto world - when you build product and make it transparent, publishing all your contracts - is that no one has to trust you: mathematics rules. You just have to read the contract info. And behind these consequences (the price of the TUT keeps rising) there are business reasons, previously designed and published in the Tokenomics of the protocol, that have made it possible. We are going to see and understand them below.


1. Any bootcamp can only be paid for with TUTs, and we are selling more and more bootcamps..

The TUT is the access token to Tutellus products, specifically crypto bootcamps (DeFi, Tokenisation, Web3, Tax Advisors). They cannot be paid for in any other way than with tokens, so the consequence is that every time we sell a new square, there are new purchases from the pool. The more business, the more purchases and the higher the price will rise. In a manner of speaking, "the only way for the TUT not to go up because of this is for us not to sell... and we are selling more and more".

Evolución precio TUT


Disclaimer: even if you think that "the TUT has gone down and not up so much for this reason", this effect is due to the big correction suffered by BTC in the same period (which affects us as described in apt. 5). But the token came on the market at $0.25, remember that.


2. Many Tutellians are already accumulating tokens to access the IDOs that we will be launching via Launchpad.

In April we launched the first decentralised Launchpad in Spain (and I don't know if in Europe). If you know that the price of the TUT is going to rise and you need TUTs to qualify for third party tokens (as we explain in this post), it is better to buy when it is still cheap than in 1, 2 or 3 months (which will undoubtedly continue to capture value for aptdo 1).


Captura de pantalla 2022-03-28 a las 8.10.43

Prototype of the new Launchpad-factions. 

Disclaimer: To qualify for an IDO you will need to stake or farm TUTs and generate associated energy. The faction that accumulates the most energy will receive more tokens than the others. In short, without TUTs you cannot enter the game.


3. A rising Bitcoin price turbocharges the TUT price

You know that "Long Bitcoin!" is one of our mottos. As firm believers of Bitcoin as a world-changing element, we decided to have skin-in-the-game and create our liquidity pool against BTC. This way we are committed to the cause: a falling BTC price drags down the TUT price (which despite our rise, has happened). But a rising price turbocharges it. If we are clear that in the same unit of time the TUT can make a much higher price multiple than BTC (not because it is a better asset but because it is very recent, and therefore it is easier for the TUT to make a 5x in 3 months than BTC), perhaps a good strategy is to holdover TUTs, as many as possible.

TUT Bitcoin precios



4. The TUT in whitelabel (creating tokens for third parties, free of charge, and with all our liquidity and technology) also requires the purchase of TUTs.

Did you know that we are making official the first contracts with third parties to create their own token but taking advantage of the liquidity of the TUT, without cost or investment, and completely free? they only need to buy TUTs to generate their own money supply. This no-cost third-party tokenisation model is going to be a winner. Every time there is a new purchase of TUTs to generate the third party token, the price will continue to rise considerably (as it works for minimum packages of €50-100k).

Disclaimer: We will soon publish commercial information on this new product, which is open to any company on the planet.


5. To become a superTutellian, our most exclusive group, you need 15,000 TUTs.

More and more people want to have access to high-value information that moves within this group. Or direct relationships with the core team and direct access to the best offers, projects or investment opportunities. I remember that in private sales you could be superTutellian with €2,000. Today it is already close to €7,000, but in a few months it will be much more expensive. People who are clear are buying TUTs because, as we said before, better to pay €7,000 than €30,000.

Disclaimer: it is not an expense, tuition or fee. We just need your wallet to be staking or farming +15.000 TUTs to be superTutellian. Access to the service is free of charge.


6. Our tokenomics allow us to maintain an APR in farming of +95% for 3 years, creating "captive liquidity".

Very few projects are able to maintain these ratios. Liquidity is usually very profitable for LPs at the beginning, but as soon as some time goes by, it plummets, so the LP migrates from project to project behaving like a "mercenary". We have "assured" liquidity - that's just a figure of speech, of course - for 3 years, as we mathematically generate more incentives in each block than in the previous one, so the LPs are not harmed in the long term. In the first 5 months we have generated +$900,000 of incentives to LPs, and this figure will continue to grow.

TUT estadísticas APR farming


Disclaimer: We have 3 years to strengthen the tokenomics model so that it does not rely solely on LPs. We are already doing this with products like Launchpad, btw.


Ok sounds good but... how can I get TUTs?

  • If you are green but a basic crypto user >> on our dAPP, buying from card or bank transfer.
  • If you are an advanced crypto user and you are good at DeFi >> at our dAPP, swapping other tokens (WBTC, USDT and others).
  • If you don't understand DeFi but you usually trade on Exchanges >> on P2PB2B, where they have listed the TUT.
  • If you are a company and you are interested in other options (from large purchases to TUT whitelabel), you can contact us at

Finally... how high will its price rise?

No one has a crystal ball and obviously everything in this post is not investment advice. I have merely transcribed the functionality of the TUT and the reasons for its price increase. But what is clear is that if the above points continue to increase, the TUT will be able to reach 2 and 3 digit figures. And if not, time will tell.

¡Let's go! 

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