Launchpad FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Launchpad FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Launchpad?

A Launchpad is a project launcher, a system by which a project can obtain financing through the issuance of its token in a private sale (through an IDO) to later give liquidity to the token through a public sale.

The conditions of buying the token in a private sale are usually very advantageous for those who gain access to them.

What advantages does the Tutellus Launchpad have over others?

The Tutellus Launchpad is decentralized, open to all and managed by the smart contracts of each IDO, not by the company. Anyone can participate, whether or not they are Tutellian.

In addition, the Tutellus Launchpad is closely related to the TUT: to invest in any IDO you must go through our token, increasing your chances of getting more assets from the IDO you are interested in.

FAQs for Users / Investors.

What advantages does it have for the investor?

Compared to other fundraising models (such as IFO or IEO), an IDO is more efficient from the point of view of raising funds: my capital has the company's tokens as its direct counterpart. The more I fund, the more tokens I will get.

In addition, the Tutellus Launchpad takes advantage of the company's previous experience and background with other IDOs: we only support those tokens with the highest probability of absorbing value. The better it goes for our investors, the better it goes for us TUT holders.

What is the REFUND or anchor?

The REFUND is the action of blocking the investment that you want to make in the IDO in a smart contract, until its closing, at which time you will receive the equivalent tokens. Each IDO has a minimum fund that always depends on the issuer.

If the IDO is on demand, the smart contract will make a proration based on the "energy" of each user and will assign you the corresponding part of tokens, returning the rest of the PREFUND to your wallet.

What is energy (eTUT)?

The energy token or eTUT is an internal measure we use to allocate tokens from each IDO: the more energy you collect, the more tokens you will receive if your faction wins. Energy is cumulative and you only lose it if you decide to change factions.

The energy or eTUT that you accumulate depends, fundamentally, on the time you spend staking or farming in your faction and on the smart contract in which you operate, rewarding the protocol with much more energy for farming vs. staking.

What are factions?

A faction is a group/clan that you have to join in order to participate in an IDO. There are 3 factions (Nakamotos, Vuterins and Altcoins). Each faction has 2 contracts (staking and farming), grants some incentives (APR) and generates energy (the sum of the eTUT of all its members) with which a winner is determined in each IDO, this faction receiving 15% of additional tokens (and what remains of the other two).

In short, the faction is a system by which users compete with each other to try to receive more tokens from each IDO. To learn more about factions, read this other post.

Can anyone buy tokens?

Yes, anyone who successfully completes KYC/AML can purchase tokens and participate in an IDO.

Why do I have to do a KYC/AML?

You have to go through a KYC/AML process when you first enter the Launchpad. Once we validate you, you will be able to participate in any IDO. It is necessary to successfully pass this process due to the upcoming regulation (MiCA) in Europe and to be 100% compliant with current and future legislation.

FAQs for Companies / Projects.

What are the advantages of using the Tutellus Launchpad for the company?

If your project is chosen and we reach an agreement, you will be able to raise funds without giving up Equity or generating Debt. In addition, we will help you design, program, launch and maintain all the smart contracts, and dAPP and ultimately we will be responsible for the entire crypto part so that you can focus on your business. In short, we can be very good travel companions.

Can any project be submitted to the Launchpad?

Yes, any project can, but we will always prioritize those of the Tutellians. And we will only finance the best. To apply, complete this form.

What average investment raises a project?

The average investment achieved per project is around $400,000, although as a good Galician would say, it depends; on the project, the timing, the market, etc.

What happens if my token is a security?

If your token is the security it has no place in the Launchpad, we are sorry.

What do I need to introduce myself to the Launchpad?

Have a good project, well documented, with a clear value proposition, have duly prepared material and submit it through this form.


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