How to buy my first TUT token

How to buy my first TUT token


In this article I will tell you step by step how you can buy the TUT token. Easy, safe and fast. Below you will find the video "How to buy my first TUT- HOW2 Tutellus" in case you prefer to watch tutorials (must use subtitles in English)

Let's start from scratch!


Step 1: Download and install the MetaMask wallet

The first thing you need to do is install the Metamask Chrome extension. If you are in a browser, you can visit this link directly and click on "Add to Chrome". Once accepted and added to your browser, you will see the fox icon at the top right in the extensions bar.

MetaMask is the wallet that allows us to store our crypto. It will ask you if you want to import a wallet or create a new one.  We will choose to create a new one and generate a unique password to ensure good security. This will be our password to enter MetaMask, not to be confused with the Secret Recovery Phrase: now we will see what it is.

When you click CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS 12 words will appear in writing. This is your seed phrase and you must NEVER share it or write it down on any tech device.

Yes, it happens! Unfortunately we have had students who thought it wasn't relevant and to this day have lost their funding. 

MetaMask and the crypto world is NOT dangerous if we understand it well and know what we are doing. It is when we start accepting contracts on the spur of the moment that surprises arrive.


Step 2: Set up your MetaMask wallet

After you have retyped the 12 words as a security requirement you must pin the Chrome extension to your extension bar. By clicking on the drawing pin you will be able to pin it. This is relevant as you constantly connect your MetaMask wallet with dApps (decentralised apps) to interact with them.

Once you see your active wallet with 0 ETH and with the title "Account 1" we will add the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is the Ethereum sidechain we will work with. Why? Because the TUT is only deployable on this blockchain...for now.

We will click on the circle at the top right Settings >> Networks >> Add Network

Now we will configure the following fields:

 Polygon Mainnet

Network name: Polygon Mainnet
Nueva RPC URL:
Chain ID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Blockchain Explorer URL: 1.3k


Step 3: Buy MATIC to buy TUT

Yes, I know. It may seem strange that you should buy a token other than TUT. You see, MATIC is the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network and that means that all fees (gas fee) for transactions on this sidechain are paid with the MATIC token.

Therefore we will need to have MATIC to pay the gas fee if we want to make transactions on the network - like buying TUT. 

  • Go to the dApp and click on "dAPP" / "Go to dAPP".
  • Select the "Buy" option on the left side panel and then click on CONNECT (top right). Allows you to connect your account with your MetaMask

  • Enter the amount you want to spend in euros in the Transak payment gateway. Make sure you buy a little bit more than you expect to pay for the transactions on the network! With an extra €2 you have enough for many transactions.

       This are the following payment methods you can choose:

  1.  SEPA Transfer:  Take a few business days. 1% fee
  2. Credit7debit card: Takes only a couple of minutes 3,5% fee

    In both, you'll have to go throu the  KYC:  Know Your Customer. Here is a HOW 2 (tutorial video)             
  • All you have to do now is wait for the funds to reach your MetaMask! It's only a matter of time ;)

Step 4: Buy TUTs

Now let's exchange/swap your newly arrived MATICs in your wallet for the TUT token. If you are still connected with your wallet to the dApp you will see in the "Swap" section the ability to choose 2 different tokens.

The top one is the one you have and want to sell and the bottom one is the one you want to buy. At the top you choose the MATIC token, but not WMATIC.

It will automatically reflect your MATIC token "Balance" which will be the same as the one visible in your MetaMask wallet. Add the amount you want to exchange for the TUT token and click "Swap". Accept and confirm in the MetaMask window.

💡Remember to always leave an amount of MATIC in your wallet to pay for gas transactions. Don't swipe everything


Step 5: Send your TUTs

You already have TUTs! Chances are you can't see the TUT tokens in MetaMask. It doesn't mean you don't have them, you do. You just need to add the TUT token to your wallet. If you click on the TUT token at the top right of the dashboard, you'll see this

Click on "Add to Wallet" and confirm it again in the MetaMask sale. Now you can see your amount of TUT tokens in your wallet. Simply select the TUT token and click Submit.

Now all that remains is to enter the recipient's wallet and the shipping amount. If you are paying for a Tutellus Bootcamp you will find the Tutellus wallet on the course invoice. Use that address 

And that's it, congratulations! You have just made your first decentralised blockchain transaction. From now on you will see how your crypto knowledge will do x100 ;)

Pd: It's all a matter of practice

You can watch the tutorial. Do not forget to add the substitles as we are still working on the English version


Let's go!


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