HumanWallet, or how a product helps an entire ecosystem grow

HumanWallet, or how a product helps an entire ecosystem grow

The main problem that Web3 companies and decentralized projects have is low adoption: using a DAPP requires advanced Web3 knowledge: having an operational Web3 wallet (Metamask type), being connected to the blockchain in question, having the native token to pay transactions, understand gas fees and network saturation, sign smart contracts, etc.

This complexity prevents "normal" Web2 users from accessing our dAPPs, so the growth of the sector is slow and we are 100% dependent of the adoption of new users trained towards Web3.

Until now.

Precisely and knowing our pain like no one else, this year we have been developing the product with possibly the most growth potential of the company to date: a Web3 wallet, implementable in any project , with a Web2 appearance and with some unique features;

- Based on the new ERC4337 standard or "Account Abastractions".

- With the ability to create accounts associated with an email but in a 100% decentralized way, without depending on the company.

- With key custody completely decentralized user privacy, based on its own concept: the "Guardians".

- Designed for both mobile and desktop, solving the big problem that dAPPs have on mobile to function.

- With the possibility of including 2FA systems to sign transactions, being able to company discern between its degree of criticality. For example, I can approve a contract with a "next" and need 2FA by email / sms /FaceID to approve a movement of funds.

Transparent for users: they do not even have to pay fees (or have native tokens).

100 % configurable in the project interface through the SDK.

And many more functionalities.

HumanWallet, from a Tutellus community business perspective, also needs $TUT tokens to function, so projects that implement it will need to purchase a bag of tokens to pull from (consuming $0.10 in $TUT per transaction). This, together with a super scalable pricing model (from €299/month), will cause many of the companies that need to interact with Web3 to decide to integrate HumanWallet.

The product is available on the landing page. The DEMO, here. And the SDK, from the landing page or from here.

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