Launchpad operations to fund projects with tokens

Launchpad operations to fund projects with tokens
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Launchpad is the tool we have launched from Tutellus to finance projects. In this other post we told you about its origin and raison d'être.

1. Do you want your project to be funded with tokens?

From Tutellus we have launched a new initiative to incubate digital projects from the community. After the release of the $TUT token, which during the first 6 weeks we have reached an LTV of $4MM, we have a utility token that opens up many possibilities to finance interesting projects in the crypto environment.

We come from a recent success story: the film Bull Run, a documentary financed through the issuance of the $BULL token in record time.... The first tokenized film in history whose funding closed in just 20 hours! This is just one example of the amount of projects we have launched from the Tutellian ecosystem, only that until now we didn't have the TUT in the market.

proyectos lanzados desde Tutellus

2. How to participate in the Tutellus launchpad?

It's very simple! To be able to participate you must be a Tutellian and therefore have participated or be enrolled in one of the bootcamps (Tokenization or DeFi) or have a Tutellian in your team. Or you can also partner with a tutelliano to solve this requirement (recommended, because the project absorbs a solid and fundamental piece for further development)

Once you have completed this step you must access here and fill out the questionnaire to get a first overview of the project; later our Innovation Manager Javier Celorrio will contact you and, if the idea passes the first filter, you will have a brief talk about the project. With the feedback we collect from you (person, project, team, opportunity, etc.) we will present the proposal at the corporate level and, if approved, we will launch the IDO for you to get your project funded.

Keep in mind that from Tutellus we only launch TOP quality projects, as we have seen in previous cases. Our community knows what it wants... and what it wants is innovation and quality!

3. What is an IDO?

An Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering is a new form of financing through the community's native token. Thanks to AMMs (Automated Market Makers) users can participate in the pre-sale of project tokens in an equal and fair way.

For the most tekis: the procedure is based on the contribution of money (as stablecoin) to the project, but the amount of investment to which I will have access will depend on my staking level and the type of token I staked (single asset or LP token); during a limited period of time any user can contribute the amount he wants depending on his level, and therefore will receive the pre-sale tokens according to the contribution. When this process is finished, the surplus money is returned to the investors and the project achieves its funding goal.

4. Empowered by Tutellus

The Launchpad opens a new alternative for financing quality projects, which does not involve equity or debt, but the issuance of a token with special discount conditions for those who buy it in the pre-sale.

We are neither the first nor the only ones to launch a Launchpad, but we are one of the most serious teams in project scouting and we can assure that we will never publish projects of dubious reputation: at least, the tokenomic, business and technical quality of the projects we launch will be guaranteed by the Tutellus brand. This should generate confidence to the token holder in the face of the amount of scams, pumps & downs and rug pulls we see every day in the market.

It should be noted that the more projects that are launched, the more useful the $TUT token becomes, as it becomes the main incubation tool (apart from the cast of professionals that will help make the project a success). The staking process required to participate in Launchpad will positively influence the sustainability of the $TUT token, as the tokens that make up the "access guarantees" reduce the supply and increase the value of the asset.

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