We are looking for a Manager for Tutellus Ventures

We are looking for a Manager for Tutellus Ventures

1. Why Tutellus Ventures

The growth that we are "suffering" in Tutellus obliges us, in order to continue doing things well, to nourish it with new resources. If you have been with us in recent months, you will have seen that in May we launched a rebranding of the company, emphasizing and valuing the 3 lines of business that support our Community:

3 logos Tutellus
  • Tutellus TRAINING, based on Crypto and with an entry funnel from our "classic" platform (with more than 2 million students in 160 countries and 170,000 video courses).
  • Tutellus BUILDERS, in charge of the creation of technological projects (based on tokens) in our Community.
  • Tutellus VENTURES, in charge of investing (both in Equity and in Tokens) in projects that arise in our Community.

Although the training and development of projects is something we have been working on for years, now it is time to professionalize the Ventures area with more resources, starting by incorporating a person who feels comfortable helping other companies and projects to grow up

2. What do we look for in a Manager for Tutellus Ventures.

The profile to be incorporated must meet some unique characteristics, and in imperative form:

  • Someone who has launched a startup, and if there are several better. That he has fought with fundraising, the market, technology, that he has looked for a team, etc.
  • Another essential condition is that the company you have launched is a digital product. Refrain consultants or companies providing services. Maximum respect, of course, but we will only take into account creators of digital products.
  • We highly value business failures. The normal thing is that you have tried it and it has not gone well. And remember: he is only a failure who does not get up again to try one more time.
  • Have technical business knowledge. In other words, we are looking for someone who has stuck with SEO, with campaigns, GTM, Wordpress, Hubspot, conversion funnels... in short, someone who has created and marketed digital products (platforms, SaaS, APPs and of course everything related to tokens).
  • And obviously someone who strongly believes in tokenization and decentralization. Refrain from anyone who has not approached this world, of the type "yes, well, I am interested but I have not yet come to buy cryptos".

3. What will the work of a Manager at Tutellus Ventures be like?

  • You will report directly to the CEO, Miguel Caballero.
  • You will be responsible for supervising the Whitepapers and Tokenomics of the projects that we launch through the Launchpad (a barrage awaits us for Q4).
  • You will be responsible for all our investee companies (already several), interacting with the CEOs with a clear objective of adding value in terms of growth and product development.
  • You will be the link between the investee companies and our Product / Development area, supervising the roadmap of each project.
  • You will also be responsible for evaluating and filtering the projects that we launch both through the Launchpad and in which we invest. We only launch or invest in the best.

4. What we offer to a Manager at Tutellus Ventures.

  • Annual gross salary between €40k-55k, with part in TUT.
  • Important package of TUT dressed to 4 years. Pay attention to the data.
  • Unlimited training in Tutellus, including 2 annual bootcamps (€10,000)
  • 25 days of vacation per year.
  • I work 100% remotely, like everyone else.
  • And most importantly: a spectacular work environment within one of the most important crypto development teams in the world.

5. Sounds good, and how do I apply?

Send an email with what you consider to DO NOT contact me by other means, I will not respond (and I will not value it positively).

In short, I think this is a very good opportunity to continue developing the Tutelliano ecosystem and continue adding value to the community.

We continue!

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