One week working from Korea for the Community (2018)

One week working from Korea for the Community (2018)

This post was written in Aug 2018.

Community, Community, Community… why is it so important? in a decentralized project you don’t work for yourself, you work for the Community. Everything is around it.

"Your token should be used by your people, not [only by] traders. We all need to work in this stage, generating a real demand from inside your Community."

Startup token with Tutellus

In Beyond Blocks with the StartupToken family, great guys!

Creating a Community is the hardest issue to consider. We were years working to have the first hundreds of thousands of users with active behaviour. So as the Korean crypto community is (possible) the most active in the world, we decided to work harder in that vision with a very great walls to destroy: a foreign company, with an (originally) Spanish product, and with no brand or partnerships in the country. And besides Education, being Korea the most sophisticated EdTech industry worldwide.

1. Explaining Tutellus to the industry: why Education sucks.

Our presentation in the Korean Blockchain week

Being absolutely humility, we wanted to tell the Korean crypto community who we are and why we are trying to change a full industry. And we got it, using this video to introduce us to the full week. Thanks to the organization for the speed and efficiency in everything, I understand why Korean companies rock it! :)

2. Creating a local team with local people, to grow from inside.


Misang Riu, a great professional working with us for Korea

Let me introduce you Misang, our first person in the country and the BizDev Director. We want to grow until a 10 people team (dec’18) to develop the local market: Operations (content providers), Customer support and Marketing will be the priority areas to coordinate by Misang, with a powerful component of PR and local partnership agreements with EdTech and crypto players.

3. Managing and empowering the Ambassadors program.


I was emphasizing the importance of our Ambassadors program to create local meetups and a real Community mixing offline with the online. If we say we are decentralized, let’s rely on the people to spread the project and let’s reward main Ambassadors with tokens, it’s their job!

4. Setting deals with the local Education industry.


I was lucky to meet some Majors and Presidents of Educational institutions

Korea is Top in Educational results according to Pisa report, so we must get best practices from them and to know better how the industry works from inside. We hope to announce soon several agreements with some institutions, helping them with our tokenization skills and setting a win-to-win strategy for both parties.

5. Understanding how teachers work: their desires, needs and pains.


With Marcus, a local (and famous) korean online teacher :)

From the macro to the atom: I wanted to know, from the teacher perspective, how things work there, in offline and online platforms. We had the chance to take a coffee with one of the most respectful guys in the EdTech industry, understanding better where the value proposals should be.

6. Running meetups explaining our vision of the future of Education.


We had also time to run a meetup where we explained to the local crypto community our thoughts about why the EdTech industry was over, and none of actual models could work the main pains for Students, Teachers and Recruiters. will revolutionize the market changing the Status Quo.


7. Sharing thoughts about Tutellus with the NEM Foundation founders.


From right to left: me, Lon Wong (exPresident of NEM) and Jeff McDonald (exVP of NEM)

I was so proud to meet and share thoughts with the NEM founders… it was a special moment for me. Well, I knew Jeff from before, but no Lon. We share a common vision of the future of the Blockchain industry, and we are very grateful to count on their support in Tutellus. Thank you, guys!

8. And enjoying this lovely country and its lovely food :)


I hope to come back very soon. Korea will be one of our top markets very soon, not only for token holders but also EdTech and the crypto ecosystem. Stay tuned!


Building a Community is not just about pitching, going and coming back. That’s bullshit. You want to generate a real demand of tokens. Okay, everybody wants the same, so bullshit again. So you need to do it from inside because they need to trust on you. You need to make something different attacking (and controlling) all parameters. It’s hard, I know, but someone has to do it.

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