The community is (always) the most incentivized

The community is (always) the most incentivized

Tutellus' philosophy is based on the development of the Tutellian community, it is our philosophy and our main focus, to make the crypto universe grow with you, and we have reflected it in our whitepaper:

!La comunidad siempre por delante!

Lo sabemos y lo valoramos muchísimo. ¿Cómo lo demostramos? Incentivando al máximo la participación y recompensando es esfuerzo de aquellos que se implican y que impulsan la comunidad compartiendo conocimiento y diversión con los demás . En este artículo me gustaría compartir con todos vosotros, algunos de los incentivos que recibe la comunidad


The Tutellian community receives:

  • Between 50-100 TUTs for leading a crypto cafe. For sharing with the community your knowledge and learnings you got to receive between 50-100$. Indifferent of the two cafes we have
  • Supertutellian Coffee. A more exclusive coffee with special guests. Requires to be supertutellian (Stake/Farm 15.000 TUTs). Every Monday from 15:30-16:00 (UTC+1)
  • Café Tutelliano. A café open to everyone. Tutellian and non-Tutellian, where we share projects and protocols. Every Wednesday from 15:30-16:00 (UTC+1)

  • 100 TUTs for winning one of our games that we launch on some Fridays. We may surprise you on a Friday with a new game/challenge. If you win it, you get the 100TUTs prize.

  • More TUTs for showing participation and dedication to the community. Without going any further, the other day we launched an AIRDROP to all the tutellians who attended the first tutellian meeting of 2022.

These are just examples of several incentives that we give to our community because it is they who make us grow and move forward. We are open to new ideas, so let's not stop dreaming!

From these last lines, I send you a greeting and a hug. For me, I am proud to be the dynamizer of this great community. 

Let's keep growing together with our TUT!

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