The first TUT trip to Asia (2018)

The first TUT trip to Asia (2018)

This post was written in july 2018.

It’s a fact that Asia is the most advanced region in the world for crypto. We knew it and we planned a first 2 weeks Roadshow visiting different countries, presenting and establishing the first links to create local communities. Here is the resume of what we did on the trip :)

1. Singapore, Coinagenda and crypto party.

Tutellus in Coinagenda

Miguel (me) speaking with 2 guys in Coinagenda

We started visiting Coinagenda events, meeting old friends and promoting a local crypto party at night. We also knew NEM projects promoted by big guys like Jeff McDonald, exVP of NEM foundation and a good friend of the project.

Tutellus with NEM VP

Me with the former VP of NEM Foundation

We also were presenting Tutellus to the local community. Instead of doing it in the Coinagenda event, with a classical pitch format, we organized a small party, meeting there the people.

Tutellus in crypto party

Yep, I was sweating like a pig

2. Shenzhen (China), the factory of the planet.

We started the Chinese tour in Shenzhen, a huge city with very spicy food I wasn’t prepared… but I survived :)


Before pitching in a crypto space

We presented Tutellus in a building that hosted exclusively Blockchain companies (LoL). Here we met a big Educational Corporate which we are just closing a big deal, we’ll announce very soon :)

And we also had time to know the local culture.. empty streets as you can see in this tweet!

3. Guangzhou, a modern (and interesting) city.

We met again interested local leaders guys from crypto ecosystem. There is a real need for systems like ours, to improve Education through a rewards system that empowers people. We presented in the Bee+ coworking space.

The TUT token and Tutellus in China

4. Shanghai, the most “occidental” place of China.

Shanghai was, in fact, the place where I found just a few occidental guys. It’s also the city where NEM has its Chinese offices, so we were also with the whole team presenting Tutellus and enjoying the local food. Thanks guys for supporting us! :)

NEM China team

With the China NEM team in Shanghai offices

5. Beijing, the capital of the empire.

We were -again- presenting Tutellus and met with some big Crypto funds. I couldn’t enjoy the city, no time even for going to the “forbidden city”. But we were with the NEM CEO guy who kindly supported us as our local guide. Thanks again Steve!

Tutellus in China

6. Hong Kong, coming back to Occident :)

Big city, a lot of crypto, usual food… definitely I enjoyed in HK learning, visiting and eating. One bad point: too hot again :(

We presented at Genesis Block, the most famous place of the city as crypto ecosystem. And after 14 days of travelling, we finished this trip. Thanks to all guys who were supporting us, specially Trikar and all guys from NEM Foundation, Cryptonomos team and all people who were interested in us.

Tutellus trip in Hong Kong

You have the full TL on Twitter, here.

And in 1 week we go to… Korea! stay tuned! :)

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