The Launchpad: 'game changer' and TUT trigger

The Launchpad: 'game changer' and TUT trigger

From the Tutellian ecosystem and during the last 12 months we have launched about 10 projects and tokens to the market, contributing not only to the development of the token, product and business plan of each one but also to fundraising in the first rounds of all of them;

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During this time we have launched -in addition to the last one, the TUT itself- tokens from different industries: real estate (Reental), fitness (FITtoken), DeFi on Bitcoin (TurinLabs), cinema (BullRun), NFTs (POEM), genetics and various industries (Criptokuantica), and several others (real estate, fashion, play2earn video games, crypto investment, labour practices and more). In this podcast, we talk about some (Spanish).

The point is that when we launched the token of each of these projects, the TUT had not been issued, so there was no way for it to capture value with each new issuance. But that has changed since we launched the Launchpad.

What is the Launchpad?

The Lauchpad is the crypto projects launcher of the Tutellian ecosystem. In addition, it is a tool that allows the TUT to capture more value with each new issue, closing the circle of Training -> Creation -> Launch -> Financing. Lately we always say that Tutellus goes much further than training you in crypto: it is the place where you will meet your future partners and where you can make your crypto project come true. Yes, I know it was very romantic for me, but ... damn it! It is the truth :)

What makes the Launchpad different from other financing tools?

  • We do not finance in exchange for equity.
  • We do not finance with debt.
  • We finance with tokens (preferably utilities).
  • We supply your shortcomings (tokenomics, technology and whatever you need).
  • And we can also accompany you as partners.

The founders of Tutellus (the great 'Sokar' and myself) have been setting up companies for more than 20 years. We have been on the side of the entrepreneur and the investor, and by the end of 2021 -although more than one it stung- we have to recognize that investing in Equity, for us, is from the Pleistocene. There is no less liquid asset than equity. We all know how difficult it is to make a partial or total exit, or to create a secondary market with clauses by partners' agreement flexible enough to be able to sell, and being tied for so many years to said investment is something, as I say, from the past.


For some time we have been investing in different types of assets, but always with tokes (equity, crypto, NFTs and fungibles). Therefore, we will continue to maintain this policy, and everyone who accompanies us in these investments seems that they are not doing badly at all.

How does the Launchpad benefit the participants?

  • The entrepreneur gets the financing he was looking for without going into debt or giving up equity.
  • The investor manages to buy the token at a lower price than the exit price, when it is listed. At the moment, whoever enters Launchpad is getting multiples that give vertigo.
  • The TUT holder benefits because half of the funds raised are used entirely to burn TUTs (LOL).
  • Curling the loop: if I am a TUT holder (or I am thinking about buying TUTs) and I go to the Launchpad I win double: because I will get the project token at a very low price, and because my TUTs will revalue strongly with each operation.

How does the Launchpad work?

In the whitepaper you have the detail. For the most techies: the investor, instead of investing with a crypto, has to do so with the Tutellus liquidity token (TUT-WBTC). Investors deposit the LP token in a smart contract and at the close of the IFO the project tokens are minted and distributed based on the distribution of LP tokens. Those that remain, the SC is responsible for returning them proportionally to investors.

Once the operation is closed, the entrepreneur receives 50% of the amount raised (in WBTC) and the protocol uses the other half (in TUT) to burn them.

Launchpad Tutellus como funciona

In this way, if an entrepreneur is looking for $ 200k, the Launchpad will generate an IFO contract for double ($ 400k), so that he receives what he is looking for and the other $ 200k is burned. Look what this means: in this operation $ 200,000 in TUT has been bought from the pool that will never be able to be sold, as they are burned. Every time we close an operation on the Launchpad, the TUT boots. Besides, it is inevitable: mathematics does not deceive.


How can I participate in the Launchpad?

  • If you are an investor ... you already know that you will need TUTs. The TUT is the gasoline that moves everything. You will need them to participate, and the sooner you buy them the less you will pay for them.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, contact Javi Celorrio (ZeLorrio # 6371 on Discord), who is the Service Manager. Javi was an Alumni, he became a Tutelliano, he led the launch of the BULL (BullRun) token from the other side of the table and now he is the one who does the preliminary filter of projects. By the way, keep in mind that either yes or yes you will have to become a Tutelliano. And botcamps can only be paid with TUTs :)

Disclaimer: few projects will enter the Launchpad, only the best. We scouting very hard because few tokens make sense. We already know that everyone wants to tokenize, but that does not mean that said token is going to capture value. Being inflexible on this point ensures that we continue to launch quality products that absorb value.

During the next few days, Javi will publish another post detailing the service.

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We continue!

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