Tutellus announces a new decentralized platform based on crypto (2017)

Tutellus announces a new decentralized platform based on crypto (2017)

We had clear from the beginning we wanted to change the world, to change the way people teach and learn forever. We had to spend 4 years of hard work till the opportunity arrived. And there’s no going back.

Tutellus was born as a collaborative educational platform. Like Etsy, Uber, Udemy or Airbnb, we were a centralized platform matching Students with Teachers to create value. We started in 2013 and 4 years later we lead the Latin ecosystem.

But we discovered, during 2017, that if we could decentralize our model (tokenizing our assets), the possibilities we had to create value in the Community would grow exponentially. And the guide was clear: we had to cross from a centralized infrastructure to a decentralized one, based on the NEM blockchain, with a 4 layers model:

We hold our actual APPs staff in a first layer, using those technologies; the APP layer connects with the API layer for everything, which at the same time is related to the Token layer, which works over the NEM blockchain layer.

We are not interested in creating “a few millionaires teachers”. We want to create millions of “thousanders”. We want to steem our market, to spread the richness in the Community, tokenizing it.

The TUT token.

The TUT token

So we started to do it. We designed during last summer a 100% utility token (the TUT), the transactional one, and a token being able to manage the user Relevance (the Smart TUT or STUT), creating a full Tokenomics workflow where we could launch a crypto asset (TUT) with high interest for Students, Teachers and Companies. We designed a full Whitepaper, made interviews with all kinds of users, and validating the value proposal.

The good point is that we have hundreds of thousands of users willing to use the tokens. We have the community alive.

The platform that pays you for learning.

A movement Ecosystem around users & tokens

We want to flag the biggest EdTech ICO in the world. We want to jump from leading the Latin countries (holding 1 million users and 130.000 video courses) to leading the EdTech world. And because of that, we become the first platform being able to pay for learning: the more you learn, the more money you get and the more relevant you become in the Community.

Teaching and learning will never be the same.

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Let’s do it!

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