What are Factions? | Launchpad Tutellus

What are Factions? | Launchpad Tutellus

A faction in the Tutellus Launchpad is a group or "clan" that you have to join in order to participate in any IDO. You have 3 factions, and you must choose and identify with one of them;

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Technically, each faction is the sum of 2 smart contracts (Staking and Farming). The tokens deposited in a faction generate "Energy" for the user, and the faction that obtains the most energy at the end of the IDO will receive an additional 15% of tokens compared to the other factions.

Therefore, each faction represents liquidity (in Staking and Farming) and said liquidity, the higher it is (measured in the form of Energy) the more advantages it brings to the winners. In each IDO there will only be one winning faction, and the market will always decide where to deposit its liquidity. We are free to move liquidity from one faction to another, upon payment of fees. These fees (charged in TUT) will go directly to burning, reducing the liquid supply of tokens and allowing the TUT to capture more value.

No faction is better than the rest: the profitability of the Staking / Farming of each faction will depend on the number of investors in each of them. To learn more about the factions you have this other post, where we explain the mechanisms for awarding tokens and Energy.

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